man sitting on a black benchM2M shares a blessing and ministry update from our friends at Time to Revive.

We had just wrapped up our prayer time at Grace Church in Eden Prairie on Saturday morning.  The 40 teams were prepared to hit the streets to share the Gospel.   Each team – a team leader, a team scribe, and at least one intercessor – was given a designated area.   They were also given the tabbed Bibles, wristbands, and information forms (if they don’t have it already on their phones).

With the designated map, we provided a location of where they can go and evangelize, but at the same time, we encourage teams to depend upon the Holy Spirit to lead their steps.    We cheer on the teams to share the Gospel in all/either 3 areas of the designated area – open-air, marketplace, and/or house-to-house.

The teams never quite know what their time will look like, but they at least have a destination point.  And I can say 100%, this was the case with me.  As the teams left the building, the Holy Spirit provided me a vision of a black bench.  It had a vertical backing (not horizontal), and it was in front of a building.    I told this to Drew, and so our pursuit of a black bench began.  This was our destination.

As we began to drive all throughout Eden Prairie, I thought, “Surely this won’t be difficult.”  Eden Prairie is full of retail stores and plenty of benches in front of them.  But let it be known, the benches were red flat benches.  They were blue park benches.  There were mall benches.  Apartment complexes had benches.  Fast food restaurants had benches.  Mechanic shops had benches inside them.  Fancy restaurants had nice brown benches.

But no black benches.

After we had been driving around for an hour, I began to question what I saw. So the questions began to come to my mind.  “Did I really see a black bench?  Does it have anything to do with what we are doing today?”  And so when these questions began to come to the forefront of my mind, I began to change my focus.  I saw a lady in front of a gas station.  I thought I would go and talk to her.  She wanted nothing to do with me.

I knew it was my impatience that was getting the best of me.  I asked for forgiveness.  And I went back to the task at hand – looking for a black bench.

After an hour and a half, we ended up in front of the Hennepin County Library in Eden Praire.  And what do you know – they had black benches.  Praise God.  It was the black bench I saw in my vision.

But now what?  There wasn’t anyone sitting down.  So I went inside the library.  I walked around asking the Lord if someone was there I was suppose to talk to.  I saw a man sitting down in a small room.  The Spirit of God prompted me this was the man I was to talk to.  But as I approached him, he stood up to leave.

I walked around some more and then went outside to one of the black benches.  I came back in.  I was getting impatient again.  I saw the man again.  But didn’t say anything.  Finally, I just went and sat down on the bench.  I opened a box of my favorite candy, DOTS, and waited.

And what do you know?  The man I saw in the library came out.  I asked him if he would be willing to sit down on the black bench and talk.  He was hesitant at first, but willing.  Thankfully, because the Holy Spirit was already at work, Hector was able to read thru the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And his heart was softened to the truth of Jesus.

Crazy enough, all of this took place because the Spirit of God led us to find a black bench.  Romans 8:14says, “All those led by God’s Spirit are God’s sons.”  

We didn’t know the end result, but because of simple obedience and staying focused …we were able to encourage Hector from Eden Prairie with the Good News.

All for His glory.

Kyle Lance Martin