South Sudan News UpdateMinistry to Ministries shares a post from Kim Klepp and Harvesters.

As those who have been following the news in South Sudan will remember, back on December 15, 2013, violence broke out in Juba and quickly spread to the oil producing regions in the north. Terekeka, a relatively peaceful community that raises cattle was quickly turned into a dangerous location where various rebels and government troops transversed on their way to the brutal fighting that was taking place in the city of Bor. As the violence escalated, Lance, Gideon and I had to make a prayerful yet heart-wrenching decision to evacuate to Uganda. During this time away from our home and the children who have truly become a part of our family, we again witnessed the power of God at work.

On December 29, as the fighting in South Sudan continued to rage, Daniel Meta and John Loki (two orphans raised in Yei who are now leaders in Terekeka) of their own free will and with great personal risk to themselves, decided to return to Terekeka from their scheduled leave. The South Sudanese staff who had remained in place to care for the campus and children in our absence were so encouraged to see them. They had felt lonely and wondered what the future would hold. When Daniel and John arrived, they brought hope of things returning to normal. We were and are so thankful for each of our staff who stayed through the difficult times and especially for Daniel and John, who traveled back to Terekeka even when things were so unsure!

When Lance and I returned to Terekeka in mid-February, after a time in Kampala and Yei, we were so happy to be home once again! It was glorious to see each child again and know that the hand of the Lord had kept them safe through the conflict. Although times are unsteady, we are trusting Him to continue providing His protection and guidance for this work going forward.

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