Camino Global logoMinistry to Ministries shares a Camino Global ministry update from John and Sheila Tarwater. One of the greatest attributes of Camino Global is its mission to reach the lost and train new leaders globally. Since its inception, Camino has concentrated its efforts among Spanish-speakers, but the impact of its ministry has been global.

This past week, we had the privilege of hosting a group from First Baptist Church Sevierville. During their time here in Guatemala, we tried to accomplish two main goals. First, we wanted to provide various opportunities for group members to share their faith verbally and through service projects. Consequently, the group helped to paint a children’s center, directed several programs for children, sang, and shared the gospel through their testimonies and tracks.

Our second major goal was to expose the group members to various mission opportunities not only in Guatemala but around the world. Traveling trough various parts of the country, we visited individuals involved in planting churches, in work among the indigenous, in Bible translation, in prison and gang ministries, in work among the children and poor around the city dump, and in training new leaders. We visited a local prison, the largest dump in Central America, which is also home for nearly 11,000 people, as well as various religious sites that reflected the syncretism between Catholicism and ancient Mayan faiths. Below is a picture of the beautiful “carpets” made out of colored sawdust on which various Easter processions occured. The “carpets” lined many of the city streets in Guatemala. This carpet is from Chichicastenango.

picture of colorful carpet

To say the least, the group members experienced the society in which Sheila and I attempt to live and minister. More importantly, they saw how God could use anyone on the mission field.  It was a great visit, in which Sheila and I were tremendously blessed and encouraged. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this trip a success through your prayers, your giving, and your coming.