Young Happy Child from SudanM2M (Ministry to Ministries) shares a greeting from Harvesters,

We are blessed to have Lance and Kim (and, of course, precious Gideon) as part of the Harvesters’ ministry team in Terekeka. With their commitment to serving the Lord and Harvesters, we have seen Him do mighty things through them.

When I think back on the beginning of Terekeka, back in 2010, I am reminded of how Lance lived in a small tent and had to bathe in the Nile. How he boiled and then drank water from the Nile and how he did his laundry in that river for more than a year before he had a building to stay in.

He was lonesome like Adam in the Bible and he prayed and asked God to bring him a wife. Our God as Creator and Sustainer knows our every need and provides for them in His perfect timing. As He reflected on Adam, Genesis tells us, “The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”’ Eve became Adam’s wife and helpmate and we trusted God to provide the same for Lance. One day, a wonderful servant named Kim came with a team to serve and the rest is history! God is faithful.

Today, they continue to care for 51 orphans who comprise the Terekeka campus while also raising our dear grandson, Gideon. With the opening of the school, they also oversee the education of 140 children.

They have raised up some excellent local staff who have shown initiative and wisdom under difficult circumstances. We are so blessed to have some of our older orphans working in Terekeka. Daniel continues to help with teaching school while John Loki does many things including driving, mechanics, building, etc. They are two of the fine young men we had the privilege of raising in Yei.

There is such a need in Terekeka with this unreached people group. They are open to the gospel, but laborers are few.

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