Help us Touch Lives with the Hope of Christ

As I think of this amazing opportunity, I don’t think in terms of dollars given or pledged to MEDIAlliance. I think of a little girl in Haiti that has access to the hope of Jesus because of faithful Christian broadcasters in that country. MEDIAlliance is planning a major training conference in that island nation in 2015, to help reach into the darkness that grips this country, and puts the lives of children like the one above in peril. Our MEDIAlliance verse is II Timothy 1:1, as the Apostle Paul explains to Timothy his personal calling, “…to further the promise of life in Christ Jesus….” (NET)

Beautiful woman from NepalI think also of the young lady in Nepal who wanted to sell me trinkets. In the few moments we had, I told her about the love of Jesus, and His sacrifice for her. I wish I could have given her a radio tuned to a local Christian station that would continue to witness to her life of the love of God. A pastor in Katmandu, Nepal, has asked MEDIAlliance to help them with Christian radio.

Gypsy woman from AlbaniaMy mind thinks of the old Roma (Gypsy) woman sitting on the street in Tirana, Albania, angry because no one cared about them. Her son had died recently, and she felt she had no hope. I was glad for a Christian radio station in that capital city that pours out the Good News of  God, that He cares so much God sent His only Son to cover sins and give hope for all eternity.

I can paint similar pictures of souls that need Jesus…in Bolivia, Indonesia, Russia and other countries. Working alongside evangelical churches, Christian broadcasters around the world are spreading God’s Truth in the most effecient way I know…using today’s powerful media tools. But they want to be better trained. They need to be connected with other Christian broadcasters. And they need the mentoring and encouragement to continue a critical ministry in hard places.

I have said it before…this Matching Gift Challenge of $100,000 is not about money. It is about lives. It is about the Gospel. It is about the promise of life in Christ Jesus. But I cannot do this alone. I need your help.

This amazing challenge from a wonderful donor will move MEDIAlliance Internation forward dramatically. And we are close to the goal.

But…we are not there yet!

If you have not given, would you pray about the part God would have you take in impacting lost souls and encouraging Christ-followers in countries where the Gospel is challenged. Time is short…not just for this challenge goal…but for the Gospel to reach the corners of our world.

Now, with just 6 hours to go, we need you to respond to the stirring of God’s Spirit. Don’t forget…you can give a pledge for an amount you will give in 2014. Monthly commitments given now will be counted as pledges for the whole year. Your gift now can move us toward the goal…possibly putting us over the goal before Thursday, May 1st!

Here are the totals (from 4/29):

Total Received (gifts and pledges)    $86,000.25

Needed to reach the goal                    $13,999.75

Hours left to meet the $100,000                           6

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