mcdonalds-Shamrock-McCafe-Shake-12-fl-oz-cupM2M (Ministry to Ministries) shares a post from Kyle Martin at Time to Revive as they share The Gospel with a message of revival in the chilly Twin Cities.

Some of our team was finishing up the green Shamrock shakes we had ordered from McDonald’s when reviveTWIN CITIES trainer Gary Bohn had the idea of taking these shakes to our next meeting. He wanted to bless those that we were getting ready to meet with. I loved the idea. I loved the shake. So why not?

As we approached the counter to order more, and my shake was almost gone, I jokingly said the employee, “You guys do refills on shakes?” The employee looked at me and said, “Not normally, but this time yes.” She extended her hand to reach out for my cup.

I couldn’t believe it. I was going to get more Shamrock shake…and it was going to be a free refill. She then extended this same blessing to Rich our videographer. We were overjoyed with this small, yet significant token of generosity.

We bought 3 more shakes, and yet we also got free Shamrock refills. Who has ever heard of such a thing? As walked out to the mini-van, we just laughed. God truly blessed us with more. We didn’t deserve this. We didn’t do anything to earn this. In fact, the employee most definitely didn’t have to do this. But it happened. And little did we know that the Lord was painting a picture for how the day would unfold.

And it was beyond what we thought:

  • One local church is now praying that the Lord will provide 1,000 laborers from their local congregation for reviveTWIN CITIES. Wow.
  • Another church, a Methodist congregation, saw this upcoming evangelistic outreach as an answer to their prayers for the past year. reviveTC is now on their church calendar!
  • Leadership from a Russian Pentecostal church has invited us to come back in April and share with a total of 10 Russian congregation leaders from the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.
  • 7 local worship leaders came together, from all walks of life, and listened to the Lord. By the time we concluded, those present were singing around the hallway tables inside a church. It was beautiful. It was real. It was stripped down and pure.

All of these interactions warmed my heart. It was truly more than I thought could have ever happened for our first day back in Minneapolis/Saint Paul. But God wasn’t done.

And more and more, the Lord showed me that when the church humbles themselves and comes together as one, He will reveal more of Himself to us. We won’t know what it will look like. We won’t be able to describe it. But we should expect more of Him. More of His presence. Why not? If God can give us a Shamrock shake refill, just imagine what He will do when His people come together praying for and pursuing revival in the Twin Cities?

Please continue to join us in prayer, as Moses did, and ask for confirmation and favor from the Lord in this process of pursuing revival…

“Let Your work appear to Your servants and Your majesty to their children. Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; and confirm for us the work of our hands; yes, confirm the work of our hands” (Psalm 90:16-17).

All I can say is, “More of You please…” All for His glory.

– Kyle Lance Martin

M2M (Ministry to Ministries) commends Kyle and his team as they share the Gospel of Jesus Christ across America.