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I love the line from Jerry McGuire, ‘HELP ME HELP YOU’. Jerry, played by Tom Cruise, is pleading with his outspoken and stubborn football star client, played by Cuba Gooding Jr., to stop hurting our chances to get a big contract, and trust me to help you.

This happens in ministry too, where we have a vision that we are on the right path. We are outspoken about our ministry goals or our purpose. We listen to the Lord and feel our ministry is being lead in a certain direction. We respond. Then we go out and plead for money. All the while, the real help we need is to clarify our ministry goals, clarify our messaging, or just connect with the people we already know, who have the leadership to help.

Think about the Jerry McGuire’s in your life who have knowledge and expertise in helping your ministry gain new traction or maybe they can open a new network in which you can grow. Isn’t having a Jerry McGuire, a mentor, an advocate, a connector much more important than just asking or shouting, ‘SHOW ME THE MONEY!’.

So the plea goes out to you, ‘HELP US HELP OTHERS’.

Yes, we have a great plan for your money and could efficiently allocate it to worthy ministries who have proven to help people in a leadership, Gospel focused, or basic needs capacity. But what we really crave is your expertise, your network, your leadership, your encouragement.

What are the tangible ways you can help? Glad you asked.

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