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Bearing An Enemy’s Burden

by M2M

Fred spent little time holding on to grudges. He understood the proper role of those who are enemies and the power of “staying in the state of forgiveness.” At age five, Fred lost the use of his right hand. Through childhood he was limited in his physical activities and was exposed to taunting. He chose […]

Our Mission at M2M (Ministry to Ministries)

by M2M

We are thankful for your support of Ministry to Ministries. God’s work is amazing. With all that was accomplished in His name, we are able to hold true to our Mission, Vision, and Purpose. Mission Statement: We exist to provide expertise and assistance to enhance Christian ministries worldwide as they work toward their spiritual and […]

Help Our Ministry Help Others

by M2M

I love the line from Jerry McGuire, ‘HELP ME HELP YOU’. Jerry, played by Tom Cruise, is pleading with his outspoken and stubborn football star client, played by Cuba Gooding Jr., to stop hurting our chances to get a big contract, and trust me to help you. This happens in ministry too, where we have […]

Gospel Greetings from Cuba

by M2M

M2m (Ministry to Ministries) is happy to share a Gospel of Jesus Christ based ministry greeting from Ramesh Richard at RREACH. Greetings from Cuba–a country of mystery and history–where history got stuck, but life and time have not. Over 300 pastors and wives packed out one of their larger churches for five days of training […]