Thanks to this message from Richard in Colorado, M2m (Ministry to Ministries) has become aware of the situation of a very brave new Christian ex-Muslim from Pakistan named Imran Firasat. Imran was a Muslim for 26 years and suffered horribly under judicial, political and social Islam and wanted to bring other Muslims to Christ. He was warned not to become vocal but his conscience would not allow it. Spain granted him asylum correctly realizing that if he were returned to Pakistan he would be executed for apostasy.

As part of his mission to tell the world the truth about his experiences Imran made a film about Mohammed that militant Muslims found offensive. Those Muslims then complained to the Spanish government who initiated deportation proceedings against him. Imran is appealing this decision, but the Spanish government has privately admitted to him that their reasoning lies with fear of Muslim violence aimed at Spain, particularly “that they would burn our embassies.”

Fear of Islamist retaliation is extorting Spain into committing a grave human rights violation of their own, the de-facto extradition of a man who will face the death penalty whose only crime was his exercise of free speech and the freedom of religion.

Imran’s case is not unlike the case of the canary in the coalmine. Over the centuries miners have used a canary to test the air within a mine based on the assumption that if the canary dies you know the air is bad. Where the Christian and Western worlds fail Imran now, our freedom will also suffer a grave blow. No religious, political, economic, social and/or judicial systems should be above criticism or freedom is doomed.

Below is the link to Imran’s testimony on Youtube


Centennial, Colorado

Thank you for your ministry of sharing this message of persecution but ultimately Imran’s forgiveness of his persecutors. Love is the mark of a true Christian.