men talking about the BibleM2M shares a blessing and ministry update from our friends at Time to Revive.

When I reflect on yesterday in Minneapolis, I must admit – it was quite memorable. With the weather on Monday night being -23 degrees (coldest in over a decade here in the Twin Cities), activities appeared to be a bit quieter here in the Twin Cities.  Most schools were closed, parks were shut down, and not as many people were sledding.

However, the ministry of the Spirit of God was clearly alive and active in directing our steps throughout the day in our preparation for reviveTWIN CITIES.  One meeting in particular that warms my heart was a supper gathering we had last night.

As a backdrop to our time of fellowship and food, one of our Time to Revive trainers – Loren Burket – was working at a local ministry a couple of weeks ago.  He ended up praying with Ferome, and his sister who had come to the place in which Loren was volunteering.  With the Spirit’s guidance, Loren developed a friendship with Ferome (whom he had never met before).  Learning more about Ferome, it was apparent that Ferome was being used by the Lord to impact the younger men in the Twin Cities for the Gospel.  With Ferome’s former background of being in a gang, Loren asked if our reviveTWIN CITIES team could sometime meet with some young men who were leaders or involved with gangs currently.

Ferome agreed to set up a meeting.  And that was what took place last night in Uptown Minneapolis at Chino Latino’ – “Street Food from the Hot Zones.”  Love it!  It was truly a special evening with new friends from all over the Twin Cities.  Whether they were from North Minneapolis or South Minneapolis, we learned much insight into the world of gangs, prison, and violence.  They had quite the lifestyles.  The unique part of the gathering was – none of the guys we met with were in gangs any more. Praise God!  In fact, all but one had a relationship with Jesus Christ.  And it was so refreshing to hear their perspective of how the Lord spared their lives and directed their steps to this point in time.

The one young man who didn’t know Jesus shared with us that he had stopped being a gang-banger. He had quit promoting prostitution (pimping).  In fact, he was starting college.  Yet, amidst the positive turn around…he was still hesitant to say yes to Jesus.  So with the help of the restaurant staff, we were able to get a separate room where we could sit down and go through the Gospel with him.  We were given the opportunity to talk to this young man.  And I have to say – it was truly a divine appointment.  With the Holy Spirit already paving the way and softening this young man’s heart, and with the help of many from our team, we were able to simply communicate Jesus to him.

And by the end of our time at Chino Latino’s…this young man, who was hesitant at the beginning of the evening to embrace Jesus was ready to believe in the Lord. And praise God – he did.  Jesus said, I tell you the truth, those who listen to my message and believe in God who sent me have eternal life. They will never be condemned for their sins, but they have already passed from death into life”(John 5:24 NLT).

Please pray for this young man and that his new found faith would take deep root in good soil.  Also, please pray for Ferome that he will be able to disciple this young man.

God is at work.  Stirrings of revival are taking place in the Twin Cities…

All for His glory.
-Kyle Lance Martin

M2M is thankful to share this ministry update from our friends at Time to Revive.