boy from South Sudan with injuries to legs

M2M calls for urgent prayer for ministry friends in South Sudan. I know that many of you are interested in knowing what the current situation is in South Sudan after the fighting broke out last week and how Harvesters Reaching the Nations orphanages and schools are coping in Yei and Terekeka and the hospital and church in Yei. 

Just to say in a few words…it has been a week of trials for HRTN who have been seeking Him for wisdom.  I know through the phone calls and emails that you had/have concerns for the missionaries, staff and especially the children and desired to know what was happening and how to be praying– especially for Harvesters Terekeka where the situation was of greater concern due to it being located about 50 miles from the capital, Juba, where the first fighting broke out last Sunday.

I regret that I could not provide more detailed information during the week but I did not want to pass out inaccurate information and everything kept changing so rapidly and communications were sparse.

But on Saturday I was advised by Mama Lilly, co-founder of Harvesters, that Lance, Kim, baby Gideon and other foreign staff have finally been able to travel by road safely from Terekeka to Harvesters Yei.  Everyone is Praising our Almighty God for His protection over them.

Also today due to growing concerns for safety throughout the country the Harvesters hospital, His House of Hope, closed and many of the missionary staff were able to get air transportation out to Uganda.  Next Tuesday, most of the remaining missionaries in Yei, including Lance, Kim and Gideon, will fly out to Uganda.

Mama Lilly’s husband, Dennis, his sister and brother-in-law (Denise and Doug) who have been in Yei now for 6 months working with the church and village evangelism will remain, as well as, Josephine, the Kenyan supervisor of the children.

At Harvesters Terekeka, the local South Sudanese staff are remaining to care and provide for the orphans.  Both in Yei and Terekeka the schools were already closed before the fighting started as all South Sudanese schools are closed for school break December to February.

HRTN and COW-COH are so very grateful for your concern but especially for your prayers.  Through all of this we realizeGod is in control and we ask that you continue to pray for peace for the entire country and His safety and peace for those remaining at the Harvesters campuses in both Yei and Terekeka.

I cannot close this note without asking for your prayers for another organization that I have been blessed by and that is Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) which is located in Juba.  A Dutch couple, Cathy and Wim Groenendijk, operate a home for over 40 street girls that have been saved out of prostitution and street living.  Cathy and Wim have decided to remain with the girls to try to secure their safety.

As any changes occur with the above prayer request I will send updated information and prayer requests to you.  I realize there is not a great deal of TV news on the S. Sudan conflict.  I was sent this website information on BBC today which is:   Also I recommend:

I just wanted to get this information out to you now,  but at a later date I will update you on my recent trip to S. Sudan, Uganda, and Rwanda.  I thank God for each of you and for your prayers, support and love for me and COW-COH.

May your Christmas and 2014 be filled with Christ and His wisdom,

Shay (and Dan)

P.S. Update to the message above, because the situation is deteriorating quickly:

Mama Lilly advised me this morning that all the hospital missionaries were able to get out on the Saturday flight from Yei to Uganda.  Lance, Kim and their 1½ yr. old son, Gideon were scheduled to fly out of Yei on Tues., but today (Sunday) the flight was cancelled and nothing else is scheduled to fly into/out of Yei.  Therefore on Monday morning Lance, Kim and Gideon are planning to depart by road from Yei to Uganda.  South Sudan time is 9 hrs. ahead of TX time so they probably have started their journey.  Please pray for their safety and healing for Gideon as he is having stomach issues.

Dennis, Denise, Doug and Josephine are still planning to remain at Harvesters Yei so continue to pray for their safety and all the children and local staff at both of the Harvesters orphanages.    Keli Rabuna Baraku Itakum (May God Bless you all),  Shay