picture of woman from AntiochMinistry to Ministries shares a ministry update of hope from Faith, Tourism, and Turkey.”Merhaba! Hello! My name is Songul. I was born in Antioch. I live in a suburb above Antioch. My husband is unemployed and I have two daughters, so I work constantly at my beauty salon as a coiffeur. Since I grew up in the city center of Antioch, I tend to view people and the world more broadly than people in our suburban village.

I was thrilled when invited to go with David’s group to a Christian gathering. It was the first time in my life that I saw people sing songs to God. I had never heard anyone explain something directly from God’s Holy Book. This was a
wonderful (harika!) experience which I will never forget.

Another group of ladies honored me by visiting our home. During their visit I came to realize who God truly is and accepted The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I really appreciate the books and music given to us, especially the children’s story Bible. I think the picture Bible is more for adults like me than for children. I’m so thankful that my new Christian friends explained why Jesus had to die. I’m so grateful to God that He sent Jesus to die for my sin, guilt, and penalty. I really want to learn everything at once.

Please remember us as you pray to God.”