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reviveRICHMONDca – November 11 – 15 DAY 5
M2M is happy to share this ministry message from Time To Revive.

Blessings in the Bay…   Our fifth and final day during the outreach week of reviveRICHMONDca revealed one thing to me – blessings.  All week, and in all reality, all year, teams of people have been going out into the Richmond community to share the Gospel.  And whenever people received Jesus as their Lord and Savior, there was nothing more rewarding than when they got baptized.  And it is with joy I give thanks to the Lord for we had 11 blessings in the Bay.  (San Francisco was in the background, with the Golden Gate Bridge in clear view.  Absolutely beautiful…)   I know Matthew 28:19-20 gets quoted many times.  We typically use the verse to reference making disciples.  But I don’t want us to forget the commission for us to baptize others as well.  And without a shadow of doubt – baptisms were important to our time in Richmond.  ”Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19).

In the morning, seven individuals braved the cold water at Keller Beach.  The first five believers willing to announce their trust in Jesus was a precious family – Ricky (father), Maria (mother), Horacio (13 – son), Junior (11 – nephew) and Freckles (9 – nephew).  With the power of the Holy Spirit at work, these new believers embraced the Gospel of Jesus as it was presented by a reviveRICHMONDca laborer earlier in the week. Another individual who announced their faith in Jesus Christ was Brandi, a young woman from the Richmond area.  As her heart was being softened by the Holy Spirit, she was then introduced to Jesus by a reviveRICHMONDca laborer.   The other individual who ventured into the San Francisco Bay was a young man named Brian.  Because of the workings of the Holy Spirit, Brian was ministered to by many laborers from reviveRICHMONDca, and by the end of the week – he decided to get baptized as well.

Then at sunrise, back at the bay, more blessings took place.  The first man to get baptized was David.  David had been waiting 30 years to express his faith in Jesus Christ through baptism.  But through the working of the Holy Spirit and the efforts of the laborers from reviveRICHMONDca, David desired to get clothed in Christ.

After David, was a family of 3 who wanted to get baptized.  The father Eric, along with the mother Monica, and the daughter Jessica, had met a reviveRICHMONDca laborer earlier in the day.  All of them committed their lives to Jesus and wanted to outwardly express to their family and new friends their inner faith.

It was a special day of blessings in the Bay, and I can’t think of a more special way to conclude our 5 days of outreach in Richmond.  Or should I say…I can’t think of a better way to launch and encourage a life-style of evangelism with those that we co-labored with during reviveRICHMONDca.

To God be the glory.

– Kyle Lance Martin