Hollywood Prayer Network logoWhen is the last time you thanked God for what’s going on in Hollywood?

We should always be in awe and thankful for all that the Lord hath provided. However, with Thanksgiving coming up, it’s a perfect time to really open our eyes to all that God is doing. M2M (Ministry to Ministry) is thankful for Hollywood Prayer Network and is happy to share their November newsletter below.

We have so much to be thankful for, and we’re so thankful for you – our Hollywood prayer team! Because it’s Thanksgiving month we want to spend this email just thanking and praising God for the many good things going on in Hollywood and coming out of Hollywood.

WE THANK GOD FOR: •  Letting HPN be part of an inspirational new book on prayer •  HPN friend Russell Pyle, who has won his battle with cancer •  The many films, specials and TV shows based on Biblical people •  News Anchor Kirsten Powers’ new faith in Jesus •  Christians recognizing the need to deal with humility •  The freedom to share our faith and pray in Hollywood •  All the extremely smart people in our community •  Tommy Lee Jones •  Jewish entertainment professionals during Hanukkah •  The film industries in other parts of the world •  Frank, HPN Local Chapter Director in Norway •  Theresa, HPN Local Chapter Director in Boston •  Hector, HPN Local Chapter Director in Madrid, Spain •  Our HPN Giving Team •  Our upcoming events, including HPN’s UNITY 2014 event

THANKS AND PRAISES: • We thank the Lord for letting HPN be part of an inspirational new book on prayer, Get Prayer and Get It All by Rick D. Padgett and forward by Karen Covell. If you want to be inspired by an exciting way to look at prayer, please download a free PDF copy and then buy a hard copy to give away to your friends. The publisher has offered a special price for HPN members along with a $3 donation to HPN for every book purchased!

• We’ve been praying for HPN member and friend Russell Pyle, who was battling cancer. Well, great news from his wife, Marion, “Russell had his second check up last week, on his birthday, and learned yesterday that he continues to be CANCER FREE! What a birthday present!” Praise God for His miraculous healing and for the prayers of HPN members!

• Praise God for the continued news updates on all the films, specials and TV shows based on Biblical themes, Biblical characters and Old Testament stories. Let’s keep thanking God for working through industry professionals to tell stories of truth, beauty and faith. This is a great time in media history!

• In August we praised God for New Anchor Kirsten Powers’ newfound faith. This month she comes out with an article in Christianity Today. Let’s keep praying that Kirsten has a positive and powerful impact on her friends, co-workers and viewers because of her faith.

• Praise God that Christians are recognizing the need to deal with humility as we work in Hollywood. The industry is full of people who try to promote themselves, sound more important than they really are, and are very insecure and desperate to have value. Yet there is a growing movement of Christians who want to be servants – loving the people around us and building up others instead of ourselves. Let’s all keep asking God to keep us sincerely humble.

• Thank the Lord that we have the freedom to share our faith and pray anywhere in Hollywood. There are currently Bible studies on studio and TV lots, a Christian Club and Alpha Group at Disney, prayer walks on four major studio lots, and prayer groups in conference rooms and production offices all over the city. With approximately 7,000 known Christians all over the entertainment industry, people are gathering, praying, studying, growing, networking and being salt and light. Keep praying for us to get stronger as an effective community of Christian professionals and for all the Christian ministries in Hollywood.

• Don’t let anyone tell you that actors aren’t smart. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Let’s thank the Lord for all of the extremely smart people in our community and pray that the Lord will use their intelligence for good, for creating beauty, and for the betterment of man! As you pray, read about 30 of Hollywood’s smartest professionals.
• We thank the Lord for Tommy Lee Jones, one of our industry’s most prolific actors. Tommy was HPN’s Weekly Prayer Focus this past week. Be sure to check our site weekly with a new celebrity prayer focus!
• It’s almost Hanukkah, and we thank the Lord that Christians have been grafted into the Jewish faith and heritage. It’s great to know that not only was Jesus Jewish, but God has blessed and honored the Jews as His chosen people! The majority of leaders and decision-makers in Hollywood are Jewish, so let’s pray for the Jewish community here as they celebrate Hanukkah Nov 27 – Dec 5. Please pray for the Jewish people in Hollywood to fall in love with their Messiah, YESHUA.
• We also thank God for the film industries across the globe. The largest film industry in the world is in India and one that’s impacted our culture is in Israel. During Hanukkah, let’s pray for the Israeli film industry, the growth of their business and community, the freedom to make films they’re passionate about, and for the hearts and lives of the filmmakers themselves.

PRAISE from Frank, HPN Local Chapter Director in Norway: “Praises to God for the great response to Date Night that is positively impacting the marriages in Norway! This is another great example of how our American films can also have a positive impact on our world.”  Pray for American and Norwegian marriages as you read this article.

PRAISE from Theresa, HPN Local Chapter Director in Boston: “Thank you for your prayers. We are just getting started on the Gordon College campus. I have decided to start a book series, reading through the novel Hollywood World Views: Watching Films with Wisdom and Discernment by Brian Godawa. I believe this book and the topic are important, especially for college students. I am also hosting a movie night on campus! We will be watching The Hunger Games and discussing it afterwards!” Let’s pray for Theresa as she leads her chapter. We want the Lord to build community, inspire the students, and stretch their vision of what God is doing in and through arts and entertainment at Gordon College.

PRAISE from Hector, HPN Local Chapter Director in Madrid, Spain: “We’re excited and flowing with thankfulness and gratitude for God´s wonderful and marvelous intervention. We’ve been struggling as a family and a ministry with huge financial debts in the last years. But the last months have been especially hard and difficult, to the point of feeling we had reached the maximum limit anyone can humanly handle. But God’s intervention came in an unexpected and miraculous way a few weeks ago. Out of the blue we got a phone call from our former church in Jackson, MS, wanting to send us a large check for the ministry. Well, the amount was just what we needed and it almost gave me a heart attack. God has been speaking into our hearts about the need to continue to trust Him in the midst of this situation and let Him show himself in a way only He can do. We’re so excited to serve such a great and real God. We are also praying fervently and trusting Him for the provision of at least three people for the ministry full time. Will keep you updated on the developments, so you can rejoice with us at God’s marvelous provision and intervention.”
• We are SO thankful for our giving team! I was challenged by a friend recently who asked if I gave as much money to ministry in Hollywood as I spend on entertainment in Hollywood. WOW, that hit me! So, I’m tithing back the price of a movie ticket, an amazon.com purchase, a month of Netflix, or a trip to the music store. Do you know that if all of us donated the cost of one movie to HPN by the end of the year, we could make our 2014 budget? We could start a movement that spreads across the country – challenging Christians to donate back to a Hollywood ministry just a portion of what they spend on entertainment! Here’s how to donate:Make a one-time or monthly donation. – Order a copy of Get Prayer and Get It All to donate $3 with purchase. – Sign up for Ralph’s to donate a percent of your grocery bill to HPN. – Sign up for Amazon Smile to donate a percent of your order to HPN.

Thank you so much for your faithful and powerful prayers. We have had a MIRACULOUS YEAR because of all of you. We’re seeing people and projects change in Hollywood, and we’ve watched God do things that we could never have done on our own. We are so grateful and are also anticipating a glorious Christmas season. So, stick with us and let’s see what more is in store!

Thankfully, Karen, Lisa and Daniella

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