M2M (Ministry to Ministries) is blessed to share part of the MEDIAlliance newsletter by Ron Harris.

Most parents have experienced that time dealing with a “wound up” child who wouldn’t stop the day’s activities long enough to go to sleep. Usually, if you could get them still long enough, they would drop off into a much-needed sound slumber. But that was the challenge…getting them to be still, to be quiet. We usually had to MAKE them lie down.

Okay, I’m taking that well-known verse from Psalm 23 a bit out of context. However, I am experiencing a little bit of that parental direction, just at a different life stage. I am experiencing what God can do in a person’s life when “He maketh me to lie down.” Recovery. Rehab. Refreshment. Those have been my three R’s for the past few weeks. Shoulder surgery  (torn rotator cuff and other problems) has kept me down for the past 4+ weeks. One of the biggest challenges is sleeping in a recliner each night with a large balloon-shaped brace under my arm. I liken it to trying to sleep in coach on an overseas flight with a burly gentleman sitting next to you.

The apostle Paul talked about “light momentary afflictions.” I can relate to that. These things we are going through are pretty minor in the broad sweep of life. And, they will lead to a much better experience for us in the days ahead. I’m grateful for a Christian orthopedic surgeon, Dr. John Conway, and the great work he did on my shoulder. Just before we headed into surgery I told him many people were praying for him. Dr. Conway said, “Great. When people thank me for good work, I tell them ‘God is the healer, I’m just His helper.'” Great perspective.

I must admit, though, I don’t slow down very well. But this is been a time when God has seen to it that I would slow down. He maketh me to lie down… I am grateful for the time of rest, recuperation, and rehabilitation. But I’m anxious to once again be active in helping those who proclaim God’s truth around the world.

You see, there is much to do. There are great opportunities for the Gospel. There is growing potential for regional media training in various places of our world. My heart is to be as active as God will allow, bringing these things about, for His glory and His purpose. So…after rest, resurgence. Or in the King James…after He maketh me to lie down, He helpeth me to get up and go.

M2M (Ministry to Ministries) is blessed to share this post from the MEDIAlliance newsletter by Ron Harris.