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Time Counts

by M2M

Fred learned “waste not, want not” from his Mother. She raised five boys in a preacher’s home (on a preacher’s salary) during the Great Depression. She almost miraculously managed to make resources stretch. Fred became thrifty about money and time. These weekly emails began nearly ten years ago when Fred literally did “out loud thinking.” […]

Blessings in the Bay!

by M2M

Check out the Day 5 (Friday) video from reviveRICHMOND! reviveRICHMONDca – November 11 – 15 DAY 5 M2M is happy to share this ministry message from Time To Revive. Blessings in the Bay…   Our fifth and final day during the outreach week of reviveRICHMONDca revealed one thing to me – blessings.  All week, and […]

Have You Thanked God for Hollywood?

by M2M

When is the last time you thanked God for what’s going on in Hollywood? We should always be in awe and thankful for all that the Lord hath provided. However, with Thanksgiving coming up, it’s a perfect time to really open our eyes to all that God is doing. M2M (Ministry to Ministry) is thankful […]

“He Maketh Me Lie Down…”

by M2M

M2M (Ministry to Ministries) is blessed to share part of the MEDIAlliance newsletter by Ron Harris. Most parents have experienced that time dealing with a “wound up” child who wouldn’t stop the day’s activities long enough to go to sleep. Usually, if you could get them still long enough, they would drop off into a much-needed sound slumber. But […]

A Unique Take on Sharing the Grace of Christ

by M2M

Founded in 1987 by Jack and Kitten Murphy, Sonshine Adventures  was established as a prison ministry with specific goals: Train National and International Christian organizations in prison and youth ministries. Publish Christian books, films, materials for prisoners, youth, and law enforcement.         Film, concerts and Action Events in prisons to be made available for all audiences.         Train and launch American […]