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Can a 26 Year Old Change a Nation?

by M2M

M2M shares a series of videos from One Cry as they begin this week with the first of seven short stories about revival. We plan to share one a week for the next seven weeks, hoping that you will personally benefit from them and then feel free to share them with your family, friends, and […]

Revival in Columbia, SC

by M2M

Typically when we go into a city, I simply want to blend into the environment.  I would prefer not to stand out as an out-of-towner…rather I want to fit in as a local.  I love to be a chameleon so I can connect for the sake of the Gospel. Sometimes there is favor and I […]

Climbing the Ministry Mountain

by M2M

M2M (Ministry to Ministries) is happy to share this beautiful message from Dr. Ramesh Richard from RREACH about delivering the very best, for many, everywhere. How can we help? Share this message with others Share your prayers Share your money Share your relationships RREACH and Ministry to Ministries are in union with the importance of training […]

Facts about Turkey

by M2M

Did you know that Turkey… is known as the Cradle of Civilization borders three major seas (Black, Aegean, Mediterranean) was known as Asia Minor (Anatolia) is where the first Human Rights Declaration was stated in1463 is where Alexander the Great cut the Gordian knot is the birthplace of King Midas has 70% of the population […]

Productive, Not Happy

by M2M

Fred’s children learned early to avoid requests in “happy language.” Making an argument for money to spend on something because it made one happy was sure to lose. On the other hand, pleas for memory makers or growth experiences received a much more favorable argument. “Helpful” “productive” “effective” were strong Fred words which exemplified his […]