The Blind Now See...

M2M shares a touching story from MEDIAlliance. Her lifThis is a representative picture, not the actual person in the story.e was hopeless. Eighteen years old. Blind. Muslim. Living in a small Albanian town. Hopeless. But as she listened to the Christian radio station from the capital city of Tirana, something triggered in her. She sent a text message to the station. She had to tell someone. She had to reach out. Something on this station must have told her there were people who cared. So she sent the text…telling them she was going to take her life. In her own confused way…reaching out.

One of the blessings of this ministry is to see the faithfulness of God’s people in other countries…serving Him…sharing His Good News…broadcasting hope to all who would listen. And over the years…to see God respond in amazing ways.

Radio 7 Tirana, AlbaniaI was at Radio 7 in Tirana, Albania, that day when the message came in. We had been on the air on the station’s morning program. Primarily, we were there to encourage the staff and see how wecould help them with their ministry. We had no idea what God was up to at that moment.

With the station leadership and staff, we began to pray for this young girl. What happened after that is a miracle story that I have told over the past three years. In brief, the radio station staff located the young girl, talked to her Muslim father, hoping to somehow help her through this crisis. As they talked to the father…they realized there was a Christian women’s meeting the next day…right there in this family’s town.

Would this Muslim father take the young, deeply depressed girl to that Christian gathering? The father knew they had tried everything to help their daughter recover from deep pit she was in over her situation. Nothing they tried, nothing in their Muslim faith had helped. They would take their daughter, this young girl to the Christian meeting.

As happens with international travel, my flight had been cancelled two mornings in a row. I was more than a bit frustrated. Finally, we were able to work a new schedule, after a two day delay.  My flight was on the tarmac preparing to leave Albania when I got the text.  It simply said, “The blind girl gave her heart to Jesus!” I felt like shouting, “Hallelujah!” What an incredible answer to prayer, quickly overriding any inconvenience and delays. A hopeless situation erased by the One who brings hope.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Over these past three years, with the encouragement gained from listening to Radio 7’s ministry programs, this young girl has recently finished the Albanian Bible Institute. She is now reaching other young girls with the hope she received from the Lord Jesus. She is experiencing and fulfilling the words of Paul in Romans 15:13.

Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost. (KJV)

Want to hear more amazing results? Every member of this formerly Muslim family have come to Christ, and are going through a Bible study begun by Radio 7. As best we understand, they are the only Christians in their town. So far.

Stay tuned. This story is not over!
I think back through the years as the Lord has allowed me to interact with Christian broadcasters around the world. Many serve where the evangelical witness of the Gospel is in the vast minority. Yet it is against the darkness of their world that the Light shines the brightest. And in the darkness of a hopeless heart in a Muslim home in a Muslim town in a mostly Muslim nation, God’s Light is now shining brightly. I also think of you. You who have prayed, who have supported our work of encouragement and training among these Christian broadcasters…ambassadors in hostile lands. You have a hand in the life of these that the Lord is touching through Christian broadcasting.

 And for every story like this one that we know about…there are scores, hundreds, thousands more we will never hear until we are in Heaven.

Thank you.

M2M (Ministry to Ministries) is blessed to share this post from the MEDIAlliance newsletter by Ron Harris.