Picture of Breakfast With Fred bookFred saw differences in mentors, models, sponsors, and heroes. Frequently he asked people about their role models for he believed it spoke volumes about who the person wanted to be. In Leading With Integrity he writes about his wife Mary Alice and her role models. Her life goal was to be a fine southern lady…which indeed she was. On her headstone are three words: Ever A Lady.

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Rockin’ Role Models

Role models personify who we would like to become.

Mary Alice had three women in her life who helped lay out her path. The first was her high school teacher, Miss Brown. Stately, dignified, and ladylike, she exemplified what a southern lady should be and Mary Alice sought to follow her model. Even today, years later, Miss Brown’s name will come up as “the perfect lady.”

Next was Mrs. Keen, Mary Alice’s Bible teacher. She instructed a group of young Moms in the scripture and life principles. She showed these young women a powerful demonstration of God’s love and grace. Mary Alice used to say, “Mrs. Keen is what a Christian woman should be.”

Then there was Miss Gordon, a petite, immaculately groomed woman in her eighties. Although raised in a cultured and wealthy home, she dedicated much of her time to prisoners. Whenever we visited her, we were lavishly blessed by her. I used to tell her, “Our hands are warmed by the flame of your love.” She exuded the quiet power of victory in Christ. When she passed away, we all thought it was a very short step from earth to heaven.

Observation and identification are key elements in the role model position. You don’t have to even know or interact with them. The role model is many times unaware of the influence upon others. Often, the role model is a public figure, or an historical figure. Christians often choose Bible characters. I hear many who see themselves as Peter, or Paul, or Moses. Not too often do I hear Judas or Samson cited as their models of choice! Sadly, our young teenagers choose foolishly by modeling the lives of wayward celebrities or athletes.

Most of you know the French priest Francois Fenelon is one of my spiritual role models. Though he lived hundreds of years ago, he still speaks to me. He holds me just as accountable through his writings as if we were talking by phone. He daily demonstrates the life of faith I desire. I would like for him to rub off on me.

This week think about: 1) Who do I emulate? 2) Why would somebody choose me as a role model? 3) How can I help my family develop strong role models?

Words of Wisdom: “Role models personify who we would like to become.”

Wisdom from the Word: “Be imitators of me, just as I also am of Christ.”  (1 Corinthians 11:1 NET Bible)


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