young boy with save eqypt written on faceDear Friends,

Greetings on behalf of Dr. Ramesh Richard. You have no doubt heard of the violence taking place in Egypt. On Wednesday, Dr. Richard received e-mails from two Dallas GPA graduates from Egypt, asking for prayer.

Please join Dr. Richard, the RREACH board and the RREACH staff as we lift up these prayer requests.

Amidst protests by supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, churches and Christian businesses and homes are under attack in multiple cities in Egypt. Protestors are throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at churches, and there are reports that Christians’ homes have been burned.

The police and army are trying to maintain safety for all people and to disperse the protestors peacefully. In some areas these protests have been going on for up to six weeks, blocking roads and causing a great amount of suffering for people in those neighborhoods and those who commute through those neighborhoods.

picture of a Christian church burning in EgyptPlease pray:

That the situation will calm down and violence would cease
For wisdom for the police and army
For the safety of all churches and congregations

For strength and protection for Christians in Egypt, especially for pastors there.

For His glory,
Edie Ross
RREACH Prayer Coordinator