RReach bannerDear Friends,

Greetings on behalf of Dr. Ramesh Richard! Please accept our deep thanks for praying for Ramesh Richard during his seven-day trip to the Balkan States in Southeastern Europe.

The Lord used His servant in wonderful ways during the trip. I’m happy to share some praises with you!

First, though, please join us in praying over an urgent matter. Two in our RREACH  family are traveling to Asia and Africa this week for national GPAs in regions under a new worldwide travel alert.

The alert warns of potential terrorist attacks in August,  particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. Our contacts in Asia indicate that the country is experiencing “major problems.” Please pray for the national GPAs and for our colleagues as they travel to and from these tense regions.

Dr. Richard began his time teaching at GPA Balkan States, which included 27 pastors from the countries of Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Macedonia.

In this war-torn region that has experienced social oppression, ethnic cleansing and betrayal, many of the pastors were cautious at first when getting to know each other.

On the first Sunday, three pastors from different countries–all had served in the military during the same time period–shared their life-stories. One pastor who served in the Bosnian Special Forces spoke about dodging landmines during the war. His fellow pastor from a different country said, “I was putting in those landmines.”


After sharing, the three pastors knelt and prayed together with all the other pastors surrounding them.

Praise God, the walls within Christ’s Church in that region are coming down. The pastors who attended said they appreciated RREACH’s work, adding, “this has opened our eyes to what it is to study and preach the Scriptures.”


Praise the Lord for two powerful media opportunities for Dr. Richard to present Christ: while in Montenegro, the least-evangelized country in Southeastern Europe, a nationally-televised interview; and the next day, in Serbia, an hour-long interview on Orthodox Radio, with two million listeners. Dr. Richard continually weaved in salvation by grace through faith, and his interviewer, a fine Orthodox theologian, seemed so encouraged that he came to the evangelistic meeting that evening.


Give thanks to God for two evangelistic dinners at which Dr. Richard spoke. The first was attended by 30 business professionals in Montenegro. Thirteen were pre-Christian and two trusted in the Lord Jesus! In Serbia, Dr. Richard gave an evangelistic address at a coffee shop where they expected 20 to come and 85 showed up.


Thank you again for your continued prayers for RREACH and Dr. Richard!


For His glory,

Edie Ross

RREACH Prayer Coordinator