Foundations of TruthMinistry to Ministry (M2M) welcomes our newest addition. So, what is Foundations of Truth?

Teachers: Foundations of Truth is a turn-key, powerful outreach ministry that enables teachers to share the foundations of the Christian faith with the students they build relationships with every day.  The program was designed by teachers specifically for teachers who have busy lives but who want to help their students discover that God has a plan for them.
Pastors: Foundations of Truth offers you a powerful, viable, and legal way to conduct outreach to school campuses.  We provide a conduit that includes everything from the legal considerations that will enable you to properly conduct outreach, a student curriculum, and an effective, proven model.  And, of course, we will be with you every step of the way as you desire both in prayer and consultation.
Organizations: Foundations of Truth wants to provide you with effective tools to place in the hands of the people who already serve on campuses as a part of your efforts.  Are your leaders on campuses struggling to find materials to support their efforts?  Would they benefit from study guide resources provided at little to no cost?  Are your leaders conducting meaningful outreach programs on their campues?  If you would like support in any of these areas, we want to help.

Why Public Schools?

1. Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”  Throughout his ministry, he sought people where they were and shared his good news with them.  We seek to reach schools, therefore, because that is where lost and hurting students are, and they are most assuredly sick.
2. The schools are a mission field of increasing importance, necessity and urgency.  There is a spiritual war being fought for the minds, hearts, and souls of the students in this nation who will shape our future.  The attacks on their families, their values, and their choices is dire, organized, and well funded.  It’s root is the enemy, and it takes on may forms that add up to a daily onslaught of lies, deception, and hopelessness.  Luckily, as Paul writes in 2nd Corinthians, we have the “divine power to demolish strongholds.”  These students need loving, committed people to bring the truth to light that will set them free!
3.  Many families do not provide spiritual guidance or are absent from their children’s lives.  In addition, our popular culture poisons students instead of building values.  As a result, teachers, coaches and pastors who love and care for students have the next best chance to impact their lives and build a foundation of truth and wisdom.

Ministry Beliefs and Values

1. Spiritual beliefs are what give our lives purpose, joy, fulfillment, and where we find salvation.  Students are spiritually starved and are desperately seeking truth.  However, they are deceived, confused, or unaware about where to find truth.  Therefore, they need an opportunity to explore God’s truth and seek answers to the tough questions that they have.
2. True spiritual growth and wisdom requires purpose and diligence.  Anything that is worthwhile requires hard work.  Spiritual wisdom is no different.  In order to build a meaningful spiritual foundation and to make meaningful, life-changing decisions, students must devote some time to study and learning.
3. Ministry should be spirit-led, ongoing, and have the aim of disciple-making.  First, we believe that God’s spirit is the driving force and power behind ministry.  He gives direction and speaks into the hearts and minds of students.  We are only humble servants who offer opportunity.  Secondly, we strive to build ongoing relationships with students and guide them from questioning seekers to salvation and on into a mature Christian walk with God.

Our Vision

Open the document below for a more in-depth picture of the vision God has laid on our hearts.  Please be aware that you may find some of the material disturbing. There are examples from our students’ upsetting reality.  However, they are a part of the students’ every day world, and that is all we are trying to convey. Following the presentation is a brief explanation of some of the concepts in further detail.  Thank you for your interest in Foundations of Truth, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.
Help M2M in the effort to train up the next generation with a strong Foundation of Truth.