person writingDay 7 – DOTS are being connected 

All week I had been asking the Lord when we would be asking the local remnant to step forward and take ownership of reviveDEVILS LAKE.  One night I would think “yes” and then the timing wouldn’t be right.  Then another night I would be thinking that we should be making an invitation for others to carry the torch of reviveDEVILS LAKE themselves, but the door would close. 
Finally, the Spirit prompted me last night to ask for the North Dakotans to make a commitment.  This commitment would entail sharing the Gospel, following up with the folks we encountered, and making disciples. And we needed a core group of individuals to do this.  It’s a process. It takes patience.  It takes perseverance.  But  the reality is – the Church of Devils Lake Region has two options :  1) they continue what has been ignited in the area thru the Spirit working thru reviveDEVILS LAKE or 2) they choose to not keep it going.
It’s that simple.  Go back to how things have been done or continue to press on.    
Well, I am excited to announce that for a year we have been preparing and praying for individuals to step up.  Specifically we have been seeking the Lord for 19 or more individuals to embrace the calling of making disciples in the Region.  This number comes from our desire to identify the square root of 1% of the area’s population. (This comes from a Holy Spirit led-interaction with an individual at the Green Sage coffee shop in Asheville, NC.  And it is the same possible equation/ratio that Jesus could have pursued while around the Sea of Galilee.)
And what do you know?  Two nights ago, the paprika shirts have said yes.  They have committed.  They are willing to carry the torch of revival.  In fact 68 people walked down an outside aisle at Lakewood Park in Devils Lake and signed their name to going out and making disciples.  (More names have come in since then…)
When this happened…the Lord showed me…the DOTS are being connected in the Spirit Lake Region. (Funny enough, the Lord used the DOTS candy that we have been handing out as a part of the “Uncle Bruce Lewallen” package all week to reveal this simple truth to me.)
In other words, revival is truly beginning to take shape in the Spirit Lake Region because the body of Christ is coming together.  Paul wrote, “There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope at your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in all” (Eph 4:4-6).
I am so thankful for the Devils Lake19+.  Individuals who are coming together as one body to share Jesus and make disciples.   And when this takes place, the DOTS are being connected.

We aren’t sure how often the Devils Lake19+ will meet: once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month…not sure yet the timeframe.  But this will be determined at the initial follow-up meeting that takes place on Wednesday, July 24th at Bethel Evangelical Free Church.  This will determine the “what’s next” step.
Please know that it’s never too late to commit…just email me and let me know at  Thanks!  The journey continues…  – klm
Prayer Request:
– God continues to provide for reviveDEVILS LAKE financially.  In the last two days, He has provided $25,000.  Praise God!  However, please continue to pray for the manna to be sent from heaven, as we are still in need of $38,000 for the remaining balance of reviveDEVILS LAKE.


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