Picture of Breakfast With Fred bookFred and Mary Alice shared a 67 year marriage, ended only by her death in 2004. Their styles were completely different, but they complemented each other. Mary Alice loved cleanliness. Benjamin Franklin would have been proud of the many times she quoted his, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” Fred focused on an organized mind and impeccable language.

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Organized Versus Orderly

I am organized, but don’t appear to be orderly. I appreciate the fact that orderliness can make life more enjoyable, but sometimes people make it the end rather than the means.

In Texas they talk about “fixin’ to” do things. I think people who spend too much time preparing to do don’t always get things done. A friend of mine often says that there are times in life when it is better to get it done “cheap and cheerful” rather than not at all.

A certain amount of orderliness is necessary, of course, but as long as I know how to do my job effectively, I’m organized – and no amount of orderliness will help. There are times when people substitute order for organization. When guests come to our house, Mary Alice invariably says to me, “Fred, be sure the door to your study is closed – I wouldn’t want people to think we lived like that!” However, others who land on the side of organized rather than orderly would absolutely understand!

If you are working on perfecting something because God has called you to change, great. If you’re doing it so people will say how good you are…or because you’re afraid of criticism, not so great. In fact, it is wasteful.

Many people ask me about discerning God’s will. One of the elements is “What do you do easily?” I find the things we do best, we often do the fastest. We don’t appreciate what we do best because it’s too much fun! We don’t have to struggle to organize those projects or worry about the orderliness of our work. Working in our “sweet spot” makes us feel like it is leisure or entertainment. Fast isn’t always bad.

I know many will cluck their tongues as they read my defense of organization over orderliness, but think about it before completely questioning my sanity and my sanctification! For me, organization is a way of life which works. But I am deeply grateful for those in my life who value cleanliness and orderliness (as long as they leave my desk alone!).

This week think about: 1) Which fits me better: orderly or organized? 2) What environment aids my productivity? 3) How can I make my life more effective?

Words of Wisdom: “I find the things we do the best, we often do the fastest.”

Wisdom from the Word: “Dominion and awesome might belong to God; he establishes peace (order) in his heights”  (Job 25:2 NET Bible note added)______________________

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