Two men shaking handsM2M shares a story from Kyle Martin from Time To Revive. When we began praying for and pursuing revival in Richmond, California last February I always wondered where and how the remnant would come from.
In other words, how we will meet these folks who are committed to sharing Jesus and making disciples in Richmond and the surrounding communities?  It is always a process.  It is most definitely an adventure.  But one thing has been quite clear this past week – we are most definitely in prayer about the Lord raising up 42+ individuals who would graciously allow us to walk with them, encourage them, push them, challenge them, spur them on, and love them…in this process of reviveRICHMONDca.   
Sometimes these individuals come from churches that we are working with, such as Green Pastures and Community Alliance Church.  Sometimes it comes from folks that know our instigators, Mike Starr and Robin Freels.  Other times the remnant just show up at the prayer times.    But then there are times where we run into them out on the streets.  They are not believers.  They don’t know the Lord, but after sharing the Gospel with them they confess that Jesus is Lord and believe in their heart.  And as a result of their newfound faith, they want to be involved as much as they can.  They want to tell others about what has happened to them.  They immediately jump in to become remnant.
Two specific individuals that come to my mind are Aswan and Keyshawn.  Two young boys who I met this past spring in Richmond.  They are cousins who live in North Richmond.  After going thru the Gospel of Jesus Christ, these guys said they wanted to start following Him.  We have stayed in touch over time (through our various prep trips).  And during these 5 days of prayer, they were constantly showing up.  Think about that – at 10-11 year olds– wanting to pray for and pursue revival in Richmond.
One specific scenario that stands out is when these two boys were standing outside the church waiting to hang out.  As I talked with them, I explained to them that we were going to be having a meeting for local pastors who are interested in reviveRICHMONDca.  They said they still wanted to come and be a apart of the pastors meeting.  So what do you know?  These cousins came and sat in the meeting, quietly listened and soaked it all in.
But then at the very end of the meeting, Aswan raised his hand to say something.  As soon as I called on him, he JUMPED UP!  He asked if one of the pastors would come to his team’s basketball practice.  He figured since his team closes the practice in prayer, he thought it would be good for someone to come and pray, as well as meet some of his buddies.
I was jumping up and down on the inside.  This is what we are talking about at reviveRICHMONDca.  For the remnant to take the Gospel to any or all places that the Lord has placed them at.   And praise the Lord – by the end of the 5-days of prayer – God raised up 55+ individuals who are committed to make disciples.
This remnant has jumped in not because they are expected to do so, but because they desire to do so. It is the compassion for the Lord that should drive us.  It is the compassion for the lost that should motivate us.  Matthew 9:13 says, “But go and learn what this means:  ‘I desire compassion, and not sacrifice,’ for I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”  
So that is our desire – even if it takes place at the end of a basketball practice, for the reviveRICHMONDca to continue to pray for and pursue revival.  Why?  Because we believe revival is coming to Richmond.
 – Kyle Lance Martin

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