Picture of Sasko Bogeski and Franklin GrahamM2M shares a message from MEDIAlliance. As of this writing, Sasko Bogeski remains in prison awaiting some sort of judgement on his case. (Background on his story) Over the last week, here are some of the things that have transpired:

  • Due to your generosity, MEDIAlliance was able to transfer $7200 to ELION Media Ministry for Sasko’s defense fund. That allowed Ira to pay the initial lawyer’s fees for this case.
  • Sasko is doing much better, having to deal with the loss of life of the intruder and his current incarceration. The report is that he is fasting and praying for God’s will to be accomplished.
  • After 16 days, Ira was able to visit Sasko in prison. They were not allowed to meet earlier until both had given depositions on what took place the night (early morning) when the intruder broke into their home.
  • The press in Belgrade, newspapers, television, etc. has largely been on Sasko’s side on the issue. Most recognize the weakness of the law as it relates to self-defense and protection of family and home. There have been petitions signed by tens of thousands for the release of Sasko and the revision of the law. There have been peaceful protest marches/assemblies for his release.

Please pray for both the judge and the prosecutor in the case, that they will see the facts as they are, that Sasko was defending his family and his home from an intruder in his apartment…and that they will drop all potential charges and release Sasko right away.


Pray also for Ira as she deals with all the legal needs and the home needs. There will likely be future financial needs for the legal costs that mount constantly.


Pray for God to be glorified through these choice servants of the Lord, and that this situation will result in many knowing the light of this world…our only hope for any situation…Jesus.


Contributions for helping with the legal expenses for the Bogeskis can be made through our ministry website, www.medialliance.cc. Click on the Donate tab, and make a credit card contribution. Be sure to indicate the gift is for Serbia; ELION Media Ministry. All donated will go to their ministry for this purpose.


Thank you!


Ron Harris


(Initial story on Sasko Bogeski for background on the Bogeski’s situation)


M2M (Ministry to Ministries) is blessed to share this post from the MEDIAlliance newsletter by Ron Harris.