Picture of Breakfast With Fred bookFred cultivated friendships. He never spoke of “used to be friends with…;” he always considered a friend as a lifetime connection. He felt a deep responsibility to his friends and always thought about valuable outcomes for times together. He was part of a breakfast group which met the first Friday of each month for nearly 35 years. He mentally prepared for each time, believing he had a responsibility to “bring something to the table.”

“The Lord is really expanding your work.” This comment to one of our BWFLI team members served as a great encouragement. We are blessed to create intergenerational connections on Christian college campuses. Pray for East Texas Baptist University, Palm Beach Atlantic University, and Taylor University. Thank you.

Relationships Matter

Relationships are obviously both the personal and professional concern of the leader.

The most personal relationship is the one with yourself. The French philosopher once said, “If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in poor company.”

I visited a magnificent home built in a remote part of the Colorado Rockies. It was so quiet you could hear the paint drying on the wall. I thought to myself: Only a person at peace with himself could own a home like this. In that kind of quiet, you have time to be alone with yourself. And you’d have to be able to enjoy the company. You’d have to be satisfied with the way you are growing. You could not have your external success eating up your internal being.

One of the tests of maturity is the ability to be alone and at peace with yourself.

Our relationship to other people is important. “Am I increasingly able to spend time profitably with people who are different?” Immature individuals can’t enjoy people who aren’t just like themselves. They travel within comfortable circles of people who think just like they do. Maturity is being comfortable with diversity.

The primary relationship is the one with God. Questions I like to ask: “Is my walk with God more comfortable? More intimate? More real?”

I had a friend who lost contact with God. The problem was this – instead of confessing, he was explaining. God is just not interested in rationales. He understands our hearts, our motives, and our excuses. But when we confess, He eagerly listens.

God honors our mea culpa – “I am guilty.” Confession is a sign of maturity in our relationship with God.

Relationships are part of the discipline of a mature leader.

Think carefully about: 1) How is my relationship with myself, others, God? 2) Which relationship is the hardest for me? 3) What does maturity look like for me?

Words of Wisdom: “Is my walk with God more comfortable”

Wisdom from the Word: “Now we do speak wisdom among the mature, but not a wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age, who are perishing.”  (1 Corinthians 2:6 NET Bible)______________________

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