I’ve Had My Peaks and Valleys…To say it has been an unusual month is an understatement. A big one. A series of meetings in Delhi, India, were exciting and productive as Christian broadcasters in that massive country met to discuss the forming of an association of ministries and individuals in Christian media. Thirty media professionals and Christian leaders met at the International Conference Center in Delhi, with representation from all forms of media from all across India. Ministry friend Ashvin Dhyriam, President of Good News Television, Chennai, convened the group as part of an ongoing dialogue on impacting the subcontinent with the Gospel.


Dr. Hannu Haukka, of Great Commission Media, Finland, and I were invited to talk about the importance and value of an association. Using our National Religious Broadcasters association as a model, we talked of the value of a unified voice in relating to government authorities and regulatory agencies to ensure that Christian broadcasters can share the Good News unhindered in that land. Also in attendance at the meeting was Member of Parliament Oscar Fernandez, who expressed his support for such an association, and later met with the leadership to further solidify his desire to assist.Additionally, God has provided a key person with experience in India in forming an association with similar diversity. Sanjiv Edward is the Vice President for Commerce at the massive Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. In the past year he pulled together an impressive variety of commerce-focused groups into a unified association for the good of the airport. With his well-honed leadership skills, Sanjiv, a dedicated follower of Christ, will now serve this Christian media group, to organize and coordinate the formation of an association, for the good of the Gospel.I had the joy of being with Sanjiv and his family on my final evening in India, as we worked into the night on plans and ideas for the formation of this Christian media association.

                                                                                                                                                          Priti Choudhry is the director of CBN-India, and served as one of the television instructors for our India Media Training last September. I was able to spend the afternoon at their great production facilities in New Delhi, and speak to their staff of young media professionals. It was exciting for me to see the high quality of work they are creating and producing in order to share the Gospel in a land that is only about 10% Christian, counting all who go by the name of Christian. Certainly the challenges are there, but the fields are “white for harvest.”


Ronald L. Harris, President MEDIAlliance International

M2M (Ministry to Ministries) is blessed to share this post from the MEDIAlliance newsletter by Ron Harris.