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Urgent Prayer Requests

MEDIAlliance International got its start during my time at National Religious Broadcasters as Senior VP for Strategic Partnerships. One of the first ministries we linked with was ELION Media Ministry in Belgrade, Serbia. Led by Sasko Bogeski and his wife Ira, ELION has been helping evangelical churches have a greater impact for Christ in a land where the evangelical witness is miniscule. Through the years, Sasko and Ira…and their sweet daughter Abigail…have become some of my closest friends. More like family.

Wednesday morning, while I was in India, I received a message from Ira that their apartment had been broken into early that morning. This was the 2nd time in about 6 weeks. Sasko confronted the intruder, who had a screwdriver and was determined to steal from them. It was later learned that the intruder had recently been released from prison, and had some 50 counts against him for crime. The intruder may have been on drugs.

As any loving husband and father would do, Sasko protected his family. He grabbed a kitchen knife to ward off the intruder, striking him several times and getting him to leave. In the meantime, Ira, in the bedroom protecting Abigail, called the police. Soon word came that the intruder had been found not far from the Bogeski’s apartment. He had died.

As the events unfolded, Sasko had to be consoled. He was very distraught at the death of this intruder. Then, surprisingly, the police took Sasko into custody. As of last word, he was still being held. Originally they said it could be two days. Now we are hearing it may be 30 days. There is a lot of confusion.

The story has made the newspapers and television in Belgrade, and many people are incensed that Sasko would be held. A lawyer has been secured to represent Sasko before a judge. That was to happen yesterday (Thursday). As of this writing I have not heard a definitive word on the outcome of that court appearance, or if it actually happened.

Please pray for God’s grace and mercy for the Bogeski family in this ordeal. The newspaper article I saw commented on the humanitarian work of Sasko during the Bosnian war, his work currently to improve the quality of life of many in Serbia today.

Bogeski’s with Nick Vujicic

He was part of the team working with Nick Vujicic of Life Without Limbs as he spoke to thousands in Serbia. Sasko is part of a group working towards a Franklin Graham meeting in 2014 or 2015. Sasko and Ira are dedicated, humble servants of Christ.

A petition is being circulated in Serbia to free Sasko. A friend of the family recently posted this on Facebook:

You can also sign pettition to free Sasko by clicking on this link. Here is a brief translation for subbmiting steps: Name, Surname, City, Country (choose from a list), E-mail address, Would you like your signing this petition to be visible for others (answers YES/ No)

Here is a link to the petition:
Prayer is the key right now. Pray for Sasko as he goes through this ordeal. Pray for Ira as she tries to do the right thing to get her husband released. Pray for little Abigail, age 8, who loves her daddy and needs him home. And pray for the authorities, that they will see the right thing to do…release Sasko…and do it quickly.
I will post more information when I learn what is happening, and what the future is with this situation.

Ronald L. Harris, President MEDIAlliance International

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