Planning and preparation is well underway for the next India Media Training, to be held in September. I’ll be in Delhi, India, in a couple of weeks to finalize the workshops, location, and other key elements for the coming conference. Pray for this important effort, as MEDIAlliance International works with Ashvin Dhyriam and other dedicated Christian broadcasters to bring quality media training to those in India.

While there, we will also meet with key Christian broadcasters from across India to help them form a Christian media association. This is vital to have a strong, singular voice for evangelical Christian broadcasters as media opportunities continue to grow in the Sub-continent. Pray for God’s wisdom to prevail, and for the right leaders with the right spirit to be at the meeting.

Studio 865 is a Christian production ministry in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is headed by my friend, Dr. Stoyko Petkov. Stoyko, in addition to his Christian media work, teaches communication at the New Bulgarian University. He is a highly-qualified and gifted communicator with a heart for the Lord and the people of Bulgaria.

I recently asked Dr. Petkov how we could pray for his ministry. He told me, as he has on other occasions, that Studio 865 is not looking for a hand-out. As Stoyko says it, “We need work.”


“We have vision for our nation for our part of the world. We know the culture,
we work with local churches and bring together local Christian talent. We could partner with Christian organizations whose aim and vision is to spread the Gospel beyond the boundaries of their town or nation.

“Please, continue to pray for us and the Balkans!” 

Pray that God will open a way for effective US ministries to partner with those like Stoyko Petkov and Studio 865. (God is giving me some ideas on how this might happen. More on that later.)

Radio Voice of the Gospel (RVE) is headquartered in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. There are nine stations in their broadcast group, placed strategically all over the country. However, some of the stations are only able to broadcast Christian programming for a portion of the day. They have to share the frequency with secular programmers. RVE is seeking a 24-hour license in Satu Mare, in the northwest corner of Romania. Pray for Lucian Despa, the director of RVE, as they make file their application with the broadcast authorities for such a frequency. I have met with several of the members of the Romanian equivilent of the FCC, and some of the agencies that award frequencies. I know some of the adversity this ministry will face. Pray that God will move in the hearts of these authorities to grant the license.

Radio Voice of the Gospel has operated in a very humble way in Bucharest for many years. Economic challenges are making it difficult for the ministry to fully serve the people of Romania with the life-changing Gospel of Christ. Put plainly, they need additional financial support for their headquarters operation.

In addition, RVE also is seeking American broadcast ministries to have programs on their network. Like in Bulgaria, it is difficult for these US broadcasters to cover the cost of translations, recording, and airtime. Pray for a solution to this problem we are seeing in many countries.

Our heart for international media work was born in Indonesia over a decade ago as we helped start Christian radio stations in Indonesia. Radio Dian Mandiri had 5-6 radio stations at that time. They now have started over 40 stations, and are still growing. We recently asked the ministry director for some of the top items on his prayer list. (MEDIAlliance)