Greetings from Ministry to Ministries partner, Harvesters,

Being thankful is a key approach to living our lives. It is hard to worry when we are praising God, it is hard to complain when we are giving thanks, and it is hard to speak negatively when we are speaking about the positive. This is something the Lord has been challenging us with here in Terekeka. We have had some very busy months with many troubles lately but at the same time we have been so blessed and well cared for.

As most of you know, March brought the arrival of our shipping container, all the way from Texas. Its journey started long before the day the container was loaded onto a ship. There was much energy, sacrifice, time and money given to make this project happen. So as we praise God for all He has given us and done for us, we also thank the key people He used to make it a reality. It all started with one team that came to serve in Terekeka catching a vision for sending a shipping container. If you would like to see any of that journey, please check out the video on to see more details. Here are a few of the stories we praise God for:

Man unloading tractor

The tractor was given at an amazing discount, while $17,000 was raised in just 11 days to purchase it! What a gift from the Lord! No reason to not be thankful – but worry slipped into my (Kim’s) heart as I watched Lance drive the tractor off backwards onto small handmade ramps. We had taken time to pray the morning of the offloading, asking the Lord for safety and protection throughout the day – He answered those prayers.

The kids were all able to receive new shoes for Easter service; they wore them with such pride as each one picked their own pair.

  • The children have had a chance to look at and read the Scriptures that are all over the container and items. That has been such an encouragement to all of us.
  • There are small items that have brought so much joy to some of our staff. These include: potholders for the cooks who were using paper or small pieces of cloth, cloth diapers for the “mamas” of babies and the swing for Gideon and the other little ones.

  • The four-wheeler has already been used to haul trusses, bricks and the cement mixer to the school land. It is also a source of fast transport for people traveling to the taxi park or somewhere not too far.

  • The week after the container arrived with a new cement mixer, the old mixer broke down in the middle of many busy work days.


Here are a few other reasons we can be grateful:

  • The process for Petia to receive medical care in the States is going well.


  • The small babies that we have at our campus are thriving and growing.


  • Our one female teacher has started a choir with the kids and they sing beautifully.


  • The work at the school is moving along despite many challenges we have faced.


Picture of thankful childrenEven with so many reasons to be thankful, there are still moments when we worry or become frustrated. Like when the container was detained at the border for so long, the container fees or the drivers wanting us to offload that very day the container arrived so they could leave. The challenges we have faced with the school building include lack of water, broken vehicles, extreme heat, hard ground and lack of skilled laborers. Our prayer is thankfulness will overcome these moments and we will be reminded we have much to be thankful for. Let us all learn from the Israelites who wandered in the wilderness after forgetting all of the amazing things the Lord had done. Please pray for Harvesters – Terekeka, that we would always be grateful. Harvesters in Terekeka IS running well and we have 47 children and many staff working together for the cause, and many people who give so much for us back in the States, all of our needs are provided for (and many of our wants)… GOD IS GOOD!

From the heart of Kim Klepp

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