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A Rose Among Thorns

by M2M

M2M shares a post from Dr. Graham Poole. How do you celebrate Mother’s Day in the country with the worst maternal mortality in the world? One way is by celebrating the miraculous work of God as He brings hope and healing to the women and children of South Sudan. One Saturday morning in April at […]

A Day to Reflect and Celebrate

by M2M

Greetings from Ministry to Ministries (M2M) partner, Harvesters. What a day of celebration we had for the His House of Hope Hospital Grand Opening! The special event took place on Saturday, April 27th. At the opening we were blessed to be able to feed about 1,000 people! Our team of staff did a great job […]

Breakfast With Fred – Leadership or Management?

by M2M

Fred’s great friend Harold Myra, retired CEO of Christianity Today, International, espouses Fred’s position on document organization: “It may look messy, but I know where every single thing is!” Fred appreciated those who assisted him with details, particularly Margie Keith. Her nearly twenty years of capturing his thoughts with her speed-of-light typing enable BWF to […]

Ministry Prayer Needs and Opportunities

by M2M

India Planning and preparation is well underway for the next India Media Training, to be held in September. I’ll be in Delhi, India, in a couple of weeks to finalize the workshops, location, and other key elements for the coming conference. Pray for this important effort, as MEDIAlliance International works with Ashvin Dhyriam and other […]

Understanding the Times

by M2M

What in the world is going on? Bombings in Boston. The US $17 trillion in debt. An abortionist killing babies after they have been born alive…and the press hardly covers the story. And these are just a few of the items from recent headlines. Without God’s Word, and the hope He offers, I’d be in […]

God’s Blessings are New Each Morning

by M2M

Greetings from Ministry to Ministries partner, Harvesters, Being thankful is a key approach to living our lives. It is hard to worry when we are praising God, it is hard to complain when we are giving thanks, and it is hard to speak negatively when we are speaking about the positive. This is something the Lord […]