Time To Revive Seatlle 79M2M (Ministry to Ministries) is happy to share this message from Time to Revive in Seattle.

It has started…Seattle79!

For the past 5 months, our Time to Revive team has made ongoing trips to Seattle to work with the Seattle79. The Seattle79 are a group of individuals that have gone through 2 main components every month: evangelism & discipleship training. But what I love about how this training has unfolded, not only is it instructional/interactive training for one evening, but then the next day, the Seattle79 team actually goes out and applies what they are taught.

We train the Seattle79, and then we take them to do it. It’s what Paul did with 12 men. The Apostle “took away the disciples, reasoning daily in the school of Tyrannus. This took place for two years, so that all who lived in Asia heard the word of the Lord, both Jews and Greeks” (Acts 19:9b-10). It is very simple. Nothing complicated. Train the disciples and then take the disciples to interact with others.

Or as another organization in Dallas wrote, our trainers desire to MODEL how we share the Gospel and disciple folks. Then the next time we ASSIST them in sharing the Gospel and making disciples. On the third trip, our trainers WATCH them in sharing the Gospel and making disciples. Finally, the fourth trip we train them on what it means to LEAVE them and then have them go and make disciples on their own.

It’s been quite an exciting process, because what this means is that the Seattle79 is truly prepared to go and make disciples all throughout Emerald City.

Quick backdrop – while we were in Asheville, North Carolina (2012), the Spirit of God made it quite clear that I was to go and visit a downtown coffee shop. I did, along with 5 folks from Santa Fe, NM. When I walked in, a customer sitting at the counter handed me a piece of paper. He said, “Young man, the way you change a city is find the square root of 1% of the population of whatever city you are in.”

I took this to heart, and trusted that it was from the Lord. So in Seattle’s case…we went looking for the square root 1% of 620,778 (Seattle population)…and so our desire is to walk alongside 79 individuals who are intentionally willing to go and make disciples. And not just one time, or only during the 8 days of outreach…but as a lifestyle.

 Well, one of those Seattle79 individuals is Bob. And Bob is already engaging his community. Here is a recent story in his own words:

Thanks for the Bible & bracelet. I was able to lead a person to OUR LORD with it. His name is David, a homeless person who helps the poor at St Luke’s and Quest Church on 15th Ave West. David introduced me to one of the ministry leaders who runs THE BRIDGE a house to help the poor. She was happy to see how we minister. She likes to draw people to salvation. I gave her our web site & told her about the Saturday gathering. Pray that David attends her church. I will be seeing him after next weeks outreach as he helps me pick up food every Thursday for St. Luke’s feeding program. PRAISE THE LORD, THE HOLY SPIRIT has already started moving in Seattle…

Can you believe it?!? It has started. God is raising up individuals from all over Seattle to be used by the Holy Spirit and help further the kingdom of God.

– Kyle Lance Martin
 M2M commends the work of Seattle79 and Time to Revive. To God be the glory.